Becoming an MST-PSB Provider


Whether you are new to MST-PSB or an established provider, our clinical director will meet with you to ensure all the ingredients for both clinically and cost-effective implementation of MST-PSB exist, including:

Free initial consultation

Site assessment

Feasibility study

Cost estimation

Startup training

Ongoing Quality Assurance:

The key to effective treatment and lasting change lies in continuous quality control and independent oversight

Weekly meeting with our experts to discuss cases

____ Years of experience from our experts

Oversight from original MST co-founder

Licensing for the only peer reviewed evidence based PSB treatment

Robust data collection of outcomes, therapist performance, supervisor performance

Evidence that treatment without these measures is ineffective


Dedicated team

___ of therapists

Provider capable of delivering evidence based treatment

Stakeholder engagement/referrals

Individual Training

We do not offer individual training as MST-PSB requires a dedicated organization to deliver around the clock coverage and a robust safety plan

Individuals Seeking Treatment

Unfortunately MST-PSB is only available in select areas, for those outside of an area covered by our teams we strongly recommend seeking another evidence based treatment such as

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